Cantabrian Anchovies Fillets

Embark on a delicious journey celebrating the age-old traditions of the Cantabrian coast with these canned delicacies. Each tin holds maritime treasures crafted with care and respect for tradition every step of the way.

It all starts with selecting the finest anchovies from the cool waters of the Cantabrian Sea. These gems undergo a six-month maturation process in salt, developing their unique flavor and texture. This wait isn't just about technique; it's a tribute to generations of patience and dedication.

After maturing, the anchovies are carefully peeled and cleaned, ensuring each fillet is pristine. It's a meticulous process but essential for preserving quality and authenticity.

Hand-filleting comes next, showcasing generations of skill. Each anchovy is expertly handled to create perfect fillets, honoring the art of traditional fishing.

Finally, the anchovies are canned to seal in their flavor and quality. Each can isn't just food; it's a testament to centuries of knowledge and experience.

These Cantabrian Anchovies in Olive Oil are more than just a treat; they're a culinary journey through time, blending modern tastes with ancient traditions. Each bite brings the authenticity and richness of traditional Cantabrian fishing to your table.

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Bonito del Norte packaging - Steak in Olive Oil, from Olasagasti.

Perfect combination of the lightness of Bonito del Norte and olive oil

Packaging of Yellowfin Tuna - Belly in Olive Oil, from Olasagasti.

The juiciest and most delicate part of the tuna

Anchovies packaging - in Olive Oil, from Olasagasti.

Unique anchovy fillets, with perfect firmness and just the right amount of salt

Packaging of Yellowfin Tuna - Fillets in Organic Olive Oil, from Olasagasti.

Yellowfin tuna in extra virgin organic olive oil.

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