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Matosinhos, Portugal
    The Brand
    Photograph of a table with snacks, highlighting the NURI brand cans.
    Monochrome illustration of a sardine
    Every tin of Nuri is part of a living tradition. A production process which has stubbornly refused to change for 100 years.


    Arriving in Matosinhos at dawn, the gleaming, just-caught sardines, scientifically known as Sardina Pilchardus, boast satin bellies and dark backs. They undergo a soak in sea salt brine to enrich their flavor. The hands-on production, initiated by experienced women placing the fish in tanks since 1920, ultimately results in the birth of Nuri canned sardines.

    Women in their vibrant chatter echoing through the sardine factory… Among their many steps in the process, their role involves gutting and beheading the sardines, shaping them for the tin. The floor sparkles with sardine scales, and as these skilled workers swiftly handle the fish, it resembles the sleight of hand by a magician. A quick cut behind the gills removes the head. The sardines are vertically arranged on wire griddles, quickly filling baskets, then washed in fresh water before their next steps in the traditional process, depicted in old photos of Nuri's women. The only change? Modern white overalls to comply with EU regulations.

    The freshly washed sardines, sorted like books on shelves, are placed in large metal racks over head height. Supervised by men in blue overalls, the sardines undergo a carefully calibrated steam bath in massive metal cabinets, ensuring even cooking. Nuri values this method for its uniform cooking of fish meat and valuable fats. After cooling, the silver sardines are laid into tins on work tables, each accompanied by at least two others depending on size. This meticulous process, carried out in addition to the steam bath, contributes to the uniqueness of Nuri tinned sardines, making them stand out in the eyes of their fans.

    In a delightful spectacle, spices and fresh vegetables are meticulously added to Nuri sardine cans by hand. Seated along the assembly line, workers insert cucumber, cloves, and bay leaves individually, ensuring a unique touch to each can. This personal, manual process guarantees a subtle variation in each can, making every Nuri tin a one-of-a-kind delight.

    Carefully hand-triming each sardine to fit perfectly in the can, heads and tails positions are alternated to optimize space. Despite challenges posed by varying sizes, Nuri ensures a minimum of three sardines per tin, sometimes more for smaller varieties. This traditional process involves dozens of manual actions, creating a meticulously crafted masterpiece in each can.

    The missing element in our miniature tin cabins is now just olive oil. Tinned sardines, like us needing air, thrive in the enveloping, aroma-unfurling embrace of oil, allowing them to age gracefully, turning into sought-after "Nuri sardines."

    Why we’ve chosen Nuri

    • Artisanal Excellence: Nuri's preserves undergo a unique, twelve-step artisanal process, making each can a masterpiece of superior quality.
    • Premium Ingredients: Only the best fish and freshest ingredients, combined with 100% refined olive oil, are used, ensuring unmatched flavor and quality.
    • Historic Tradition: Produced in Portugal since 1920, Nuri preserves uphold traditional methods, offering authentic, time-honored taste.
    • Generational Craftsmanship: The secret to Nuri's quality lies in the generational expertise of dedicated artisans, refining recipes over decades.
    • Culinary Delight: Nuri's meticulous preparation guarantees an extraordinary product, elevating everyday moments with gourmet excellence.
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    Like what you see?
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    Can of sardines in olive oil, from the Nuri brand

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    The best artisanal spiced sardine in olive oil

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    Can of sardines in tomato, from the Nuri brand

    The best artisanal sardine in tomato sauce


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