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We share nothing but the very best with you  

Welcome to The Timeless Tin – a place where we live our love of exquisite fish delights!

Our selection of handmade preserves captures the essence of the sea, handcrafted with traditional methods. From aged sardines to uniquely seasoned tuna, each tin guaranteesa luxurious taste. We are a group of European fish experts who have been working with the treasures of the sea our entire life, often for generations.

Our love and devotion to the ocean and its delicacies made us want to share what we know and enjoy most with you.

Our goal is to create a community of passionate fish preserve enthusiasts while preserving the age-old traditions of small producers.

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Handcrafted traditional techniques

Decades of heritage and legacy embodied in every fish preserve

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Lifelong dedication to the craft of fish preserves 

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Expertise, Craftmanship and Sustainability

At The Timeless Tin, we are passionate about sharing the very best sea treasures with you. Our handmade preserves capture the true essence of the sea and are crafted using age-old traditional methods.

Our team of European fish experts have been working with the ocean's delicacies for generations and we take great pride in preserving the age-old traditions of small producers. We want to create a community of passionate fish preserve enthusiasts and share our love and devotion to the ocean with you.

Our goal is to bring the expertise of skilled small producers straight to your table, showcasing these little treasures crafted in the tiniest corners of our world. We stand as proud custodians of the fish preserves industry and pay tribute to time-honored traditions and embrace the artisanal craftsmanship that defines the rich history of our selected products.

Our commitment is unwavering, and our techniques are timeless. We understand your love for exquisite fish delights, and we are here to provide you with nothing but the very best.

Precision Perfected

Our Expert Curation

Every product is backed by our experts' careful selection and attention to detail, ensuring a crafted culinary experience. Shop with the assurance of our team's quality guarantee

Verónica Santos

Veronica, a skilled fish preserve artisan, excels in every aspect of the traditional proces, ensuring perfection and guaranteeing the highest quality in every fish can she crafts with her skilled hands and meticulous production techniques.

Pilar Orlando

The fourth generation of Salvatore Orlando, carries on the family's legacy as a visionary in fish preserves. With a lifelong passion and work experience since 2010, she excels in launching new products while honoring family traditions.

Paula Remelgado

Part of the 'buyers' team at Pinhais for 14 years, excels in fish selection and salting. Working alongside Emília, she ensures top quality from auction to warehouse, with a keen eye for detail and a passion for her challenging yet rewarding role.

Onintze Duarte

Onintze Duarte, with over 20 years in the canning industry, is a versatile expert, seamlessly adapting to various roles in different companies. Her wealth of experience and passion make her a go-to person in the field.

Marco Ferreira

Marco Ferreira, Quality & Operations Director at Pinhais, boasts over 15 years of experience. His expertise lies in driving operational excellence and upholding the highest quality standards, key to the company's success.

José Manuel

Head of Production at Pinhais, he brings a remarkable 46-year tenure in the canning industry. Renowned for his unwavering dedication and leadership, he excels in emphasizing quality and providing exceptional team guidance.

Jakob Glatz

CEO of Glatz with a legacy spanning over 100 years, diligently upholds the family tradition of unwavering quality, ensuring that every product reflects the enduring commitment to excellence established over generations.

Emília Braga

'Mila da Praia,' brings 27 years of expertise to Pinhais, specializing in fish procurement. Renowned for her commitment to quality, she meticulously selects only the best, ensuring the highest standards are met.
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What Drives Us Forward

Beyond a Store: Our Expertise, Your Personal Educational Hub  

Exploring the world of premium fish preserves and, at the same time, expanding your knowledge about sustainable fishing, culinary traditions, and the benefits of organic living.

At The Timeless Tin, each purchase is a chance to broaden your understanding, offering a unique mix of exploration and education. Come along on a journey of discovery, indulgence, and learning – because with The Timeless Tin, it's not just a purchase; it's a complete experience.



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